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        Paulo Nunes has joined us
        Paulo Nunes

        NCU introduces a new member of its international documentary team.
        Paulo Nunes is a Portuguese photographer whose projects, due to his family connections with Trás-os-Montes, greatly focus on the ancestral traditions and rituals of this Portuguese region, but also on social inequalities at large and on the meaning of life itself.
        He was not only inspired by his childhood memories of the Transmontano Northeast, but also by literature. An example of this is the writer Raul Brandão, who inspired him in the series he photographed about people who work in a circus, about fishermen, about the Sanctuary of Fátima and about a gypsy community, through the books A Morte do Palhaço, Os Pescadores, Húmus, Os Pobres and O Pobre de Pedir.

        Nunes's first series, Transmontanos, focuses on the traditional way of life of transmontanas, the forced adaptation to the realities of modernity and the difficult transition to a new world.
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        Zaporozhye: City by the River

        NCU presents archival photography by Sergey Nikolaev. The series "Zaporozhye: City by the River" covers the period from the 1980 Olympics to the collapse of the USSR in 1991. The last 10 years of one country's history in one city in southeastern Ukraine. Holidays and everyday life, work and rest, all aspects of life of ordinary people in the city by the river, captured by Sergey now – History itself.
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        Raúl Cañibano has joined us
        Raúl Cañibano

        Please welcome our new NCU member.
        Raúl Cañibano Ercilla is an award-winning photographer whose work focuses on his native Cuba. He has lectured at the Image Center of Mexico, and his work is published by La Fábrica and is part of collections such as ICP in New York, the Throckmorton Gallery, Fototeca de Cuba, the Juan Mulder Foundation and Michel Horbach in Germany. Raúl is mentioned as one of the most important Cuban photographers of the last 50 years in various professional communities. As Raúl notes himself, he is not against joining forces with Magnum, but wishes to continue focusing on everyday life of his beloved home island more than travelling abroad on agency’s assignment.

        The first series "Tierra Guajira" presented by Noga Creative Union is a long-lasting anthropological project which captures almost two decades of rural life in Cuba. Raúl pays homage to Cuban peasants while reconnecting it with some cherished memories from the childhood of his own which he partly spent in the east of the island.
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        Photo exhibit "Towards the Horizon"/Legnano 2022

        On April 9, as part of the Festival Fotografico Europeo, a solo exhibition Emil Gataullin "Towards the Horizon" will open at Visconteo Castle.

         Black-and-white images taken with Leica M7 and Bessa R2a analog cameras, they make visible what others would not have noticed. They turn everyday scenes into magical images that, wrapped in an extraordinary charm, seem to exist outside of time. Poems in black and white, reminiscent of the style of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Photographs that are both a document and a photopoetry. A declaration of love for Russia and a world that seeks to disappear. A bucolic world based on simplicity and a vital connection to nature. In this soft serenity, the Russian photographer slowly observes the inhabitants and extrapolates a poetically melancholic visual narrative. Many little stories, many nuances that make up an emotional mural without place or time.
        Emil Gataullin's work remained unknown in the West until he won the 2014 Alfred Fried World Photography Prize. Thanks to this award, Emil published his book, To the Side of the Horizon, Lammerhuber edition, in 2016.

        April 9 – May 22, 2022
        Via Castello, 1, 20025 Legnano, Italy
        Visiting hours: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 10/12.30 – 15/19
        Free guided tours by appointment:
        Tel. 0331-47157/578 – e-mail:
        Free admission.
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        Dmitriy Cherba has joined us

        Dmitriy Cherba

        noGa was joined by Dmitriy Cherba.

        The first series of works "Verigi". Подробнее


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